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Saturday, January 30, 2016

Golden Boy from Diamond Select Toys

This Robot just got an upgrade! Diamond Select Toys has taken their 10-inch rendition of B9, the friendly helper robot from Lost in Space, and given it a golden touch! This Golden Boy version features an all-new paint scheme, as seen in the episode "The Cave of the Wizards," and features lights and sounds taken straight from the classic sci-fi TV show. Lights on his head and chest blink constantly while B9 is on, and additional lights and exclusive "Golden Boy" dialogue are triggered with the push of a button, including "From now on, I'd appreciate it if you would call me Golden Boy," "I am a cybernetic hero," and "Watch it, I do not like grubby hands on my suit of gold!" You can also manually raise and lower his head, open and close his claws, extend his arms and turn his torso to the left and right. He even has wheels so you can roll him around! Comes packaged in a full-color window box with try-me feature.

Retails:  $49.95

Sunday, December 27, 2015

Derelict Kit

Now you can build the villain ship Derelict, from the pilot episode of Lost in Space! Posable "fingers" allow you to build either as the closed version, or open to accept the Jupiter-2 (also included). This Lost in Space Derelict and Jupiter-2 1:350 Scale Model Kit requires paint and glue for final assembly.

Retails:  $60.

Sunday, December 20, 2015


On the Famous Monsters panel at San Diego Comic-Con, American Gothic Press confirmed its licensing of Irwin Allen’s classic sci-fi series LOST IN SPACE for a special six issue series based on two unproduced scripts originally written for television.

LOST IN SPACE, which is currently celebrating its 50th anniversary in 2015, was canceled in 1968 after a run of 83 episodes. But two unproduced teleplays have recently been discovered in the Irwin Allen Archives — both written by acclaimed television writer Carey Wilber (STAR TREK, LOST IN SPACE, RAWHIDE, THE TIME TUNNEL). These never-before-seen episodes will be adapted into a comic book series by American Gothic’s Holly Interlandi, with interior artwork by Kostas Pantoulas (METAL GIRL) and colors by Patrick McEvoy (FALL OF CTHULHU).

The series is being overseen by prolific television producer Kevin Burns (ANCIENT ALIENS, THE CURSE OF OAK ISLAND, STAR WARS: THE LEGACY REVEALED). Burns has been responsible for developing and producing a number of Irwin Allen-themed projects and television specials over the years and, along with Legendary Television, is currently developing a new, updated version of LOST IN SPACE for Netflix. “LOST IN SPACE captured the imagination of an entire generation back in the 1960s. Even after fifty years, it continues to inspire the today’s top science fiction and fantasy writers,” says Burns. “Finding these scripts, and realizing them in the form of comic books, gives us a rare peek into what Irwin had in mind for the series’ much anticipated fourth season.”

“What I love about LOST IN SPACE is that it aired at the tail-end of Sci-Fi’s wide-eyed fascination with exploration instead of dystopian drudgery,” says Interlandi, AGP’s Editor-in-Chief. “Space, aliens, the universe—it was all still fun and exciting. Carey Wilber really captured that in his scripts, and putting them to the comic page has been an awesome experience.”

The first story arc is an adaptation of Wilber’s “The Curious Galactics”. It will run three issues and will premiere in March 2016. The first issue will ship with four collectible covers, which are pictured here.

Friday, November 13, 2015

Ron Gross 4th Lost in Space Poster Print

We are proud to announce Ron Gross 4th Lost in Space poster print for sell. This one is the box art that I did for the Moebius Jupiter-2 kit, released by popular demand. These are very limited to get yours now before there long gone!!

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Ron Gross releases his third Lost in Space limited edition print

We are proud to announce that Artist, Ron Gross has released his third limited edition Lost in Space print. 

This one features our tin plated hero the B-9 Robot fighting off the one eye giant Cyclops.

Go to Ron's website, http://www.outerportals.com/ and get yours before there all gone!


Music by John Williams, Hans J. Salter, Herman Stein, Richard LaSalle, Frank Comstock, Fred Steiner, Jeff Alexander, Warren Barker, Leith Stevens, Alexander Courage, Robert Drasnin, Cyril J. Mockridge, Gerald Fried, Pete Rugolo and Joseph Mullendore
La-La Land Records, Synthesis Entertainment and Legend Pictures proudly present LOST IN SPACE: 50TH ANNIVERSARY SOUNDTRACK COLLECTION, an unprecedented deluxe limited edition 12-CD box set of music from the classic sci-fi television series!
The original music scores from this cherished and historic series come to vivid life like never before, restored and remastered from original scoring elements, and featuring hours of previously unreleased music, including the world premiere release of John William’s score to “The Reluctant Stowaway,” as well as many previously unavailable episode scores, such as “Space Circus,” “West of Mars,” and more!
The music of LOST IN SPACE not only calls forth all the action, danger and unabashed joy of the beloved show, but as meticulously assembled in this astounding set, it reveals itself to be some of the most creative and dynamic scoring ever composed for the medium. Featuring music by John Williams, Herman Stein, Hans J. Salter, Joseph Mullendore, Alexander Courage, Cyril J. Mockridge, Gerald Fried, Leith Stevens, Robert Drasnin, and Fred Steiner and others, the scores of LOST IN SPACE rocket the listener through a warm galaxy of nostalgia and into a vast universe of awe-inspiring musical expression – all of it finally preserved in a pristine collection to be savored. This deluxe set, limited to 1500 units and housed in an attractive hard-cover slipcase, also contains a 100+page booklet jam-packed with exciting archival photos and art, alongside exclusive, in-depth liner notes by album co-producer Jeff Bond.
Executive Produced by Kevin Burns, produced by Jeff Bond and Neil Bulk, and mastered by Stephen Marsh and Fernando Lee, with out-of-this-world art design by Joe Sikoryak, this is the definitive LOST IN SPACE music collection – a must-have living document of important music compositions for fans and film/TV music enthusiasts of all ages!
Available to order from lalalandrecords.com on OCTOBER 6, 2015.
RETAIL PRICE: $149.98.

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Yvonne Craig Passing

Yvonne Craig, best known for her role as Batgirl in the iconic 1960s television series Batman, died Monday. She was 78.

Craig died at her home in Pacific Palisades, Calif., as a result of complications from breast cancer that had spread to her liver. In a statement posted to her website, family members said:

"She had been in chemo almost continuously for the past two plus years since being diagnosed and that had weakened her immune system as well as her body. This didn't dampen her sense of humor or her spirit, she intended to fight and win this battle. In the end, her mind still wanted to fight but her body had given up."

Craig was a trained dancer who had studied at the Ballet Russe de Monte Carlo and toured for three years. Those dancing skills came in handy when the character of Batgirl debuted on ABC's popular superhero crime-fighting series in 1967. Craig was able to perform her own stunts alongside Adam West, who played Batman.

As with many characters on the show, she had to play two roles. By day, she was librarian Barbara Gordon, daughter of Gotham City police Commissioner James Gordon. But in times of need, she transformed into the caped crusader fighting crime alongside Batman and Robin. She even had a purple motorcycle with white lace trim.

Star Trek fans will remember Craig's work, too. She played Marta, the green-skinned Orion slave girl who wanted to kill Captain Kirk in Season 3.

Fan Made Lost in Space Chariot Replica!

For the 50th anniversary of Lost in Space a new replica chariot is being built, exactly like the original. It is also being built for fans to actually see it in person as it tours the country later this year.

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

"Escape from the Lost Planet" by Ron Gross

Ron Gross has added a second beautiful poster called "Escape from the Lost Planet". The second poster offering is the Jupiter 2 taking off and is in a 12x18" format. Simply visit Ron's website (www.outerportals.com) and click the "Purchase" tab.