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Wednesday, September 28, 2005

EMail from Kevin Burns - Irwin Allen's DVD's Project Updates

September 27, 2005

Dear Robert -

Fox has asked me to get them supplemental material for all Irwin Allen DVD releases. All episodes are being TRANSFERRED and MASTERED in High Definition. I'm not sure but I doubt Fox intends to release them in HD format at the present time. It's enough that each episode (including pilots) will be re-mastered from original 35mm elements, etc.

I know that Time Tunnel is first up. Voyage is next. Poseidon and Inferno also. Giants is not for awhile, I think. Five Weeks in a Balloon, Voyage (movie) and The Lost World are also being worked on.

You'll have to check with Fox for specifics.

Kevin Burns

P.S. If Jeff T. really wants to discount my information ("it's what THEY say that counts...") then I suggest that he and your readers communicate with Fox Home Entertainment directly. I will no longer answer questions related to this project.


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