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Saturday, September 10, 2005

Happy 40th Anniversary Lost in Space!

On September 15, 1965 Irwin Allen brought Lost in Space into our homes. For three years on CBS we the 60's baby boomers enjoyed watching the Robinson family, Dr. Smith getting into trouble, and the Robot saving the day. This was the first sci-fi fantasy show of it's kind, even before Star Trek, Star Wars, and others that reached later fame. This classic TV show had it all from special effects, monsters, cliff-hangers, touching music scores by John Williams, a talking carrott, and one of the first television shows going into color in 1967.

This show and other Irwin Allen productions today are true American favorites. Irwin was ahead of his time, and the shows reflect well in todays changing and trouble generations. This week marks the 40th Anniversary of the launch of the Jupiter-2 into deep space. Our website has yet again changed for this celebration. We are proud to be apart of this yearly event. Our main page has a nice look for better navigation through the site. We hope this makes visiting our website more enjoyable. We continue to add exciting things to the site, and make history in many of these hidden treasures we find along our travels.

In the weeks and months ahead you will see yet more changes and more additionals to the site. We truely have the best team working on this website, and together it will only get better.

Happy 40th Anniversary Lost in Space, may you live forever in the hearts of man kind.

Robert - "Uncle Odie"


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