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Sunday, January 22, 2006

Congratulations to the Pendercraft Team - Winners of the First Annual Uncle Odie's Award program for 2005!

We thank everyone for this award. Being the first to receive this annual award is a great honor, since we will forever be #1 in the Odies archives.

The Jupiter-2 Virtual Video Tour came into my mind as soon as I learned I could make videos of footage while I was inside the game. I thought it would be fun to do the "stowaway" opening sequence as a recreation. Since it was my first video, it took me over 10 hours to complete it. It is also the most watched of all our videos raking in more than 150 views a month since I released it last March...thats alot of views and interest. It won the 2nd monthly award for 2005, and now, the coveted first annual winner award for Uncle Odies Collectibles. I have been a big fan of Robert Vanderpool since he opened his doors 5 years ago. Now, he is a big fan of our work. I am very pleased of our professional relationship in the past year, he's a great guy.

In 2004, I hooked up with Ronnie Pendergraft because of his 1st Jupiter-2 model he made for FS 2002 and I was very interested in his work. Not only as a die hard Lost in Space fan, but as a simulation pilot in the FS series. I convinced him that we could start a unique website and offer LIS fans everywhere, their own virtual LIS playground, complete with flyable/driveable ships and stunning scenery add-ons.

While we have not come as far as I thought we would by this time, the quality and the aura associated with our products has mesmerised thousands all over the world. The more we work with the programs, the more we learn to incorporate new and exciting items. Since Carl Reddin joined, the playground has increased dramatically with his wonderful chariot and his crash site sceneries.

Ronnie has given us all the basic flying equipment of the Robinson party. He has toiled for months on end with no complaint and still continues to amaze me with new things. Right now, we are working on the Mark Goddard Edition Jupiter-2 that will surpass the visual quality of any previous versions. Many new effects, sounds and interior improvements will, once again, make us leaders in the virtual world of LIS.

Of course without interest from the fans, we would not be doing this anymore, I think. We also thank the special people that help drive the awareness of LIS and Pendercrafts with people everywhere. I would like to take a moment to mention these fine people, and in no particular order, because of what they have done for us, they deserve mention due to their contributions over the past year and a half;

Robert Vanderpool
Kirk Roderick
Larry Lee Moniz
Mike Kickham
Guy Williams, Jr.
Mark Goddard
Rick Shaver
Bill Hedges
Don Morley
Shawn Nilsen
Fred Dorries
Marshall Akers

The many fine people in the following Yahoo Groups;

Lost in Space
Lost in Space Props
Uncle Odies

All of you helped to make Pendercrafts what it is today. There are many surprises coming, so stay tuned.

Rich Taylor
Ronnie Pendergraft
R.C. Reddin



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