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Sunday, October 08, 2006

Sci-Fi Metropolis Update

We continue to receive tons of e-mails from fans all over the world on updates regarding Norman Sockwell's Sci-Fi Metro Lost in Space merchadise. Norman has been very busy working on many future products for us the fans. Many of the products are under many stages of design, changes, and prototypes. Many in which are waiting approval by Sheila Allen and Kevin Burns. The second stage of Lost in Space action figures have been approved and in the hands of the Toy Company in China for production. The delay is with the small and limited production on these action figures. We hope to have additional updates and news on release dates shortly.

As you can see., Norman is working on many new Lost in Space items. The John Robinson (Jetpack) action figure is incredible, and my long time dream as a fan and collector. The likeness of the Jonathan Harris bust is truly awesome, and the good Doctor would be proud to have seen this made for his loyal fans all over the world. The Space Pod is a marvel of craftsmanship and quality in which Norman stands for.

The wait has been long, the pride and love put into these pieces are a dedication that Norman has promised all of us. We hope that all of you will support Norman's efforts when these come available and buy them,for more is still to come in the months ahead.

Thanks Norman for your continued support and hard work you have put into these fantastic Irwin Allen properties! www.scifimetropolis.com


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