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Saturday, October 06, 2007

Jupiter-2 Gantry Kit

*** BRAND NEW - JUST RELEASED *** Custom model kit scaled for the Polar Lights Lost in Space Jupiter-2 model kit (POLAR LIGHTS JUPITER-2 MODEL IS NOT INCLUDED!). 12" diameter kit, machine acrylic supports and center deck, other parts are mostly strip styrene or ABS plastic, and you have to trim them to fit. Detailed instructions are included. Average to above average model skills required to build this kit. Suggest using Ambrose Pro-Weld adhesive, as the kit is made from acrylic, styrene and ABS plastic. The one shown in the picture is not finished yet -- I still have to add the inner handrails, 2 outer handrails, and the lower handrails. This is NOT the same launch gantry you may have seen for sale elsewhere -- it is MUCH MORE ACCURATE.

This kit is VERY clean -- very little sanding should be required. There are no tiny holes to fill and such. You will need something to cut the styrene strips that are used as flashing on the edges of the gantry legs, but it is .020 thin plastic -- you can score it and snap if you wish, but if you have a good smooth cutter, it is easier. Comes complete with instructions and everything you see above EXCEPT the wooden base at the bottom (you can get that from A.C. Moore for about five dollars) and it DOES NOT COME WITH A JUPITER-2 MODEL.

If you are good with modeling, you can trim this a bit more and use it to display one of the Trendmaster Jupiter-2 toys as well. The kit just requires a little trimming as the diameter of the Trendmaster toy is smaller than that of the Polar Lights J-2 kit.

Retails: $129. (Approx.)


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