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Sunday, August 14, 2016

Two new Lost in Space Books are now out!!!


Mark Goddard, the author of To Space and Back, looks back fifty years to the three years he spent on Lost in Space. This book reveals the personal thoughts and memories of the author, Mark Goddard in relation to various aspects of the Jupiter-2, costuming and the cast. Thirty-one selected episodes of the series are written in a unique way by both the "real" Mark and his "reel" character, Don West. This book has been written especially with the loyal fans of Lost in Space in mind.


Incredible 696 pages Vol. One by Mark Cushman.  The most detail book ever done on the series from the show. Lost in Space first season 1965-66 each episode from start to finish with person notes, changes, re-writes, comments from the actors, and personal notes from writers and Irwin Allen.  Even a few new rare photos never seen before.  Mr. Cushman is already in the works for Vol. two so support his efforts by buying this true gem of a book!!!


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