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Saturday, May 09, 2020

Lost In Space: The Art of Ron Gross

Finish your set! Complete the BEST Lost in Space card series in the last 5 decades! “Lost In Space: The Art of Ron Gross”. The most serious and suspenseful season of the classic TV series was the black and white 1st season. “The Art of Ron Gross” profiles that first season the most, but all his artistic renderings are in beautiful full color! The complete series is available in 24 pack boxes from Monsterwax, and each box includes one of these gorgeous metal cards.

Here’s your chance to get the COMPLETE metal set without having to buy (or trade from) multiple boxes. All these images are unique to the metal set and not found elsewhere in the set. The lush color is reminiscent of the Topps “Outer Limits” set—very cool! Remember, these are METAL cards, MC1 through MC6.

If you’re a Lost In Space fan, you won’t want to miss these fully licensed cards. You might also enjoy listening to the Lost In Space Podcast called “Alpha Control” on your smart phone (or listen to it in broadcast order at LostInSpacePodcast.com). 



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