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Wednesday, June 24, 2020

Deluxe 4-CD TV soundtrack of VOYAGE TO THE BOTTOM OF THE SEA

This deluxe 4-CD TV soundtrack of original scores from Irwin Allen's beloved 1960s TV series VOYAGE TO THE BOTTOM OF THE SEA, released in a limited edition of just 1,000 copies by La-La Land Records. This spectacular boxed set contains five hours of music by John Williams, Alexander Courage, Leith Stevens, Harry Geller, Artie Kane, Joseph Mullendore, Richard LaSalle, Robert Prince, Irving Gertz and Paul Sawtell.

La-La Land Records, Synthesis Entertainment, 20th Century Studios and Legendary Pictures proudly present VOYAGE TO THE BOTTOM OF THE SEA – ORIGINAL TELEVISION SOUNDTRACK COLLECTION: LIMITED EDITION, a deluxe 4-CD collection of original music from the classic Irwin Allen 1964-1968 sci-fi/deep ocean adventure television series!

This beloved series, an exciting whirlpool of espionage drama, spy suspense, submarine action and creature features, showcased state-of-the-art effects that would blaze a trail for Allen’s LOST IN SPACE, TIME TUNNEL and LAND OF THE GIANTS to follow in its wake. A vital part of this series’ success and timelessness are its knockout episode music scores, which prove to be some of the finest examples of the era’s orchestral television music.

Featuring music by composers Alexander Courage, Robert Drasnin, Jerry Goldsmith, Lennie Hayton, Joseph Mullendore, Nelson Riddle, Paul Sawtell, Herman Stein and Leith Stevens, this deluxe 4-CD set, limited to 1000 units, is produced by Jeff Bond and Neil S. Bulk, executive produced by Kevin Burns, executive produced for 20th Century Studios by Mike Matessino, and digitally edited and mastered by James Nelson.

Among the many musical treasures to be found within this exciting release are an expanded presentation of the "Jonah and the Whale" score by Jerry Goldsmith, as well as main and end titles Goldsmith wrote for the show, along with a bumper, and a previously undiscovered, completely different, high-energy never-used main and end title Goldsmith was asked to provide later as an alternate. The set also features scores by Alexander Courage, Leith Stevens and Nelson Riddle that incorporate Goldsmith's theme for the Seaview submarine.

Additionally found here are several versions of the popular Paul Sawtell main and end titles that were retained throughout the series, including the fourth season arrangement recorded by Leith Stevens, both the long and short, editorially-created end titles, and bumpers based on the Sawtell theme heard in the first and fourth seasons. Among the five hours of underscore much of the most familiar and often-repeated music from the series can be heard, including a number of cues written to accompany the show's early second season introduction of the Flying Sub.

Co-Producer/writer Jeff Bond takes you to the Bottom of the Sea and beyond with exclusive, in-depth liner notes that journey you through a photo-packed 40 page booklet! The mission-ready art design is by Mark Banning. This special release is a limited edition of 1000 units.

Retails: $100.


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