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Monday, October 17, 2005

Time Tunnel DVD Release

THE TIME TUNNEL (ABC 1966-67) is certainly one of the late Irwin Allen's better SF tv series produced in the 1960's and this long anticipated two volume DVD collection promises to be something truly outstanding for the show's devout fan following.

It has been promised (by informed insiders) that the source elements utilized for these disc pressings will be taken from the original 35mm print masters newly restored and digitally remastered in high definition with each episode presented in it's entirety along with the original cliffhanger endings complete and intact. Probably in anticipation of ultimately issuing this valuable tv property (once again) in HD somewhere later down the line.

The volume one 4-disc box set (due out on January 24th, 2006) will consist of the first 15 episodes presented in their original ABC Television Network primetime broadcast order along with the 55 minute production pilot of "Rendezvous with Yesterday" (09/09/1966).

Many of the show's best efforts can be found here including "Rendezvous with Yesterday" (in two versions), "One Way to the Moon" (16/09/1966), "End of the World" (23/09/1966), "The Day the Sky Fell In" (30/09/1966), "The Last Patrol" (07/10/1966), "Revenge of the Gods" (21/10/1966) and "Massacre" (28/10/1966).

THE TIME TUNNEL is one SF tv series that certainly got off to a very strong start indeed!

The series' single season is marked by the early tv appearances of such distinguished performers as Carroll O'Connor, Ellen Burstyn, Tom Skerritt, Susan Hampshire, Jim Davis, Susan Flannery and even Robert Duvall many of whom would shortly achieve greater celebrity becoming Hollywood legends in the ensuing years to follow.

The first fifteen episodes contained in the volume one 4-disc box set will be comprised of the following 15 segments:

01) "Rendezvous with Yesterday" (09/09/1966)
02) "One Way to Moon" (16/09/1966)
03) "End of the World" (23/09/1966)
04) "The Day the Sky Fell In" (30/09/1966)
05) "The Last Patrol" (07/10/1966)
06) "The Crack of Doom" (14/10/1966)
07) "Revenge of the Gods" (10/21/1966)
08) "Massacre" (28/10/1966)
09) "Devil's Island" (11/11/1966)
10) "Reign of Terror" (18/11/1966)
11) "Secret Weapon" (25/11/1966)
12) "The Death Trap" (02/12/1966)
13) "The Alamo" (09/12/1966)
14) "Night of the Long Knives" (16/12/1966)
15) "Invasion" (30/12/1966)

All to be presented in spectacular color taken from pristine, vault stored 35mm negatives for optimum visual and audio quality insuring maximum entertainment value.

This should prove to be one of the major DVD releases of 2006! Coming out in January it's certainly a marvellous way to begin the New Year for serious collectors of classic tv series from the Golden Age when television and imagination were not strangers to each other.

Fox will release Time Tunnel: Volume One on the 24th of January 2006. This short-lived series first aired in 1966.

Rumour has it that the discs will be pressed from the original 35mm prints and digitally remastered in high definition, so those of you still watching dodgy VHS may be able to obtain crystal clear picture quality. This is apparently forward planning for a potential HD issue further down the line. The volume one 4-disc box set will consist of the first 15 episodes presented in their original ABC Television.


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