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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

NEW LIS Flint Mitchell Books

A couple of NEW LIS books are coming down the pike from Flint Mitchell:

1) We're reprinting The Alpha Control Reference Manual. This book has blueprints of the major props, biographies of the Jupiter-2 crew, and coverage of the world created by LIS writers. 96 pages, $14.95

2) The Lost in Space Encyclopedia. Everything you wanted to know about LIS. Photos, interviews with the cast and crew, biographies of the cast and crew, coverage of LIS fandom, and trivia. No, not just trivia, but hypertrivia, such as: Who was Mr. Noodles? What was the name of Judy's cousin? What was the name of Penny's cat? LIS has been accused of being scientifically inaccurate. The truth is a bit more complex than that! And more! 240 pages, $24.95

These books are available on a pre order basis. If you order them before they are published, shipping is FREE. Just click on the following link below to order:


LISFAN Press/Lost in Space Information


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