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Sunday, January 15, 2006

Voyage to the Bottom of the Soul

Hey, it's me!

Well, I simple forgot I had this email address but I haven't forgotten about you guys.

After a year plagued with problem after problem I was beginning to believe in the LIS Curse! I'm glad to say, if there was such a thing; we beat it all the way back to Alpha Centauri!

The time delay was actually a good thing because it gave me the time to add a couple of cool features for all of us. TV Producer Kevin Burns agreed to contribute an interview along with a very nice introduction to Bill's story by, none other than, Sheila Allen (widow of LIS creator Irwin Allen). Kevin Burns also scrounged up some rare LIS off camera shots for us to use; thank you Kevin!

Now that we have worked through all the issues the book has arrived and we have started sending them out all around the world.

If you are interested, you can get your copy at www.lisvoyage.com right now and be reading Bill Mumy's conclusion to "Voyage" in 10 days or so…

If anybody has any questions for me please write to this email address or johnjr@lisvoyage.com anytime night or day. I usually get back to you right away!

So long for now!
John P. Severin, Jr.
Bubblehead Publishing, Inc.


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