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Sunday, August 19, 2007

LIS Alien Trading Cards

One of the best remembered science-fiction shows from the 1960's Lost in Space produced by Irwin Allen was immortalized in a set of trading cards produced by Rittenhouse Archives. A complete set that includes 15 different autographed guest stars cards from the 2005 Rittenhouse Archives Complete Lost in Space trading card issue.

Included in the signed collection of cards are the following: Sheila Mathews Allen as Aunt Gamma in Princess of Space -- Sheila Mathews Allen as Brynhilde in The Space Vikings -- Sheila Mathews Allen as Ruth Templeton in Return from Outer Space -- Michael Ansara as Ruler in The Challenge -- Kevin Hagen as The Master in His Majesty Smith -- Dee Hartford as Verda in Revolt of the Androids -- Sherry Jackson as Effra in The Space Croppers -- Arte Johnson as Fedor in Princess of Space -- Vitina Marcus as Athena in The Girl From The Green Dimension -- Don Matheson as Idak in Revolt of the Androids -- Leonard Stone as Farnum in A Day at the Zoo -- Malachi Throne as Sheik Ali ben Bad in The Thief from Outer Space -- Daniel J. Travanti as Space Hippie in Collision of the Planets -- Francine York as Niolani in The Colonists.

Signed beautifully!