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Friday, December 27, 2013

New Munsters Kits by Moebius

Moebius does it again with these two new kits this holiday season.  Herman and Grandpa Munsters are back with more laughs and chills then ever before.  New model kits to build and delight everyone that loved this TV classic show.  Wonderful detail a must have for any Munsters fan! Thanks Moebius you guys rock our socks off!!!

Suggested Retail: $34.99 (Each)

Thursday, December 12, 2013

FREE copy of this brand new tie-in novelization book, I AM NOT LOST IN SPACE! by Will Robinson

If anyone would like a FREE copy of this brand new tie-in novelization book, I AM NOT LOST IN SPACE! by Will Robinson, they are up for grabs FOR FREE. Although printed in paperback and intended for sale on Amazon.com, KEVIN BURNS prevented the sale of the book just prior to its release date, so I (the publisher) am now offering FREE copies to anyone who is interested in reading this tie-in novelization based on the original TV series. This book, written by a Hollyoood-based writer who has been writing for film and TV since 1987 and who has also written several other tie-in novelizations (for Warner Brothers and Sony films), I AM NOT LOST IN SPACE! is the first and only tie-in novel based on the original LOST IN SPACE TV series to be published since the Pyramid paperbacks way back in 1967.

The writer does not want cartons of his book sitting in storage, and would rather share them with their intended audience, the fans of Lost in Space, so he is willing to give away the book for free. So now, I AM NOT LOST IN SPACE!, which was to retail for $9.95, is FREE! All you have to pay for is the actual shipping cost (4.00 for the USPO and 1.00 for a padded envelope, for grand total of 5.00). This bound, 120 page paperback book measures 5.5x8. If you would like a copy, you just e-mail me at IAMNOTLOSTINSPACE @ GMAIL.COM (remove the spaces)

Here is a synopsis of the book (from the back cover):

Within hours of the Jupiter II’s launch fifty years ago, on Oct 16, 1997, it was reported by Alpha Control that the ship had gone off course and strayed into an uncharted asteroid field, where the Jupiter 2 and its crew were destroyed – even though the high ranking Generals at Alpha Control knew that the Robinsons were alive and lost in space!

In this explosive new book, written by Will Robinson, the youngest member of the Robinson family reveals how he made it back to earth in the Jupiter 2’s space pod, where he was expecting a hero’s welcome, but instead found himself running for his life when Alpha Control tried to silence him for fear of their cover up being exposed to the world.

This gripping autobiography also details how Will Robinson then piloted his own rescue mission back into outer space, determined to find the rest of the Robinson family and return them safely to earth -- with the help of a galaxy-jumping pirate named Alonzo P. Tucker.

This book is a must-read for anyone who has ever wondered what really happened to the first family in space!


Everyone on Earth already knows nearly everything there is to know about the Robinson family, and their infamous voyage into space aboard the Jupiter 2 as they headed for Alpha Centuri, only to became hopelessly lost in space. Countless tribute books have been published over the years. It’s also taught in all the elementary schools. Third graders nationwide sit in their classrooms, scribbling book reports and drawing crayon pictures depicting the ‘first family in space’ while watching a PBS documentary about the mission, hosted, ironically, by Leonard Nimoy, who, thirty years earlier, had starred in the 1960s sci-fi TV series Star Trek.Just inside the gates of Alpha Control sits the Robinson Memorial Garden, where tourists can have their picture taken alongside larger-than-life metallic statues of the entire Robinson family, the robot, and yes, even Dr. Smith, after which they are invited to toss coins into the Robinson Memorial Pond (the funds from which are collected each evening by a rubber-booted groundskeeper, then donated to charity). Inside Alpha Control, tourists are encouraged to shop at the Robinson Memorial Gift Shop, where kids eagerly purchase plastic model kits of the Jupiter 2, the robot, and yes, even Dr. Smith. On October 16, 2007, to mark the ten-year anniversary of the Jupiter 2 mission, the Lifetime cable network aired a made-for-TV movie about the Robinsons’ ill-fated voyage into space, starring Ted Danson as John Robinson and Valerie Bertinelli as Maureen Robinson. In a case of inexplicably inane stunt casting, singer Marc Anthony played Don West and the Olsen twins Mary Kate and Ashley portrayed Judy and Penny Robinson, respectively. The role of nine-year-old Will Robinson was given to Disney teen idol Zach Efron, and rounding out the cast was iconic sitcom star Henry Winkler as Dr. Zachary Smith. It was the highest-rated TV movie that season, hands down. At Princeton University in Princeton, New Jersey, United States, there is a class entirely devoted to the Robinsons’ failed attempt at intergalactic colonization, entitled “To Earth Or Not To Earth,” which typically has a two-year waiting list.

What everyone on Earth doesn’t know about the Robinson family and their infamous voyage into space is how it ended. That is, the truthabout how it actuallyended. Within hours of the Jupiter 2’s launch on October 16, 1997, it was reported by Alpha Control that the ship had gone off course (due to the added weight of having Dr. Smith onboard) and strayed into an uncharted asteroid field, where the Jupiter 2 and its crew were destroyed. Every online news outlet from The Los Angeles Timesto Toyko Today posted obituaries across the internet of the entire Robinson family, Major Don West and Dr. Smith – even though the high-ranking generals at Alpha Control knew full well that the Jupiter 2 had successfully made it through the asteroid field, and that the Robinsons were in fact alive and well. They were hopelessly lost in space, but alive and well. And that same day, those same high-ranking generals made a closed-door decision to hide the fact that the Jupiter 2 crew was alive -- a decision that saved Alpha Control billions of dollars that they would have otherwise been forced to spend on building and sending a rescue ship into deep space to find the Jupiter 2 and return the Robinson crew (and Dr. Smith) to Earth. It was cheaper, and easier, the generals surmised, to just do nothing and let the world believe that the first family in space had tragically perished in outer space on October 16, 1997. It was cheaper, and easier, the generals also surmised, to simply have some statues built, commission a landscaper to fabricate a tranquil reflective pond, and construct an expansive (and expensive!) two-story gift shop, all of which, in the minds of the generals, allowed the American people to properly mourn the loss of the Robinsons. Conveniently, it also allowed Mission Control to officially close the file on the Jupiter 2 mission and focus its attention -- and its budget -- on designing the future Jupiter missions.

Until now, that is.

I am writing this book to expose the truth. And the truth is something I happen to know a little bit about, because my name is Will Robinson and I was on board the Jupiter 2, along with the rest of my family (and Dr. Smith), back on October 16, 1997. Yes, the Jupiter 2 didgo off course due to the added weight of having Dr. Smith onboard. And yes, we didencounter an asteroid field soon after liftoff. But we did not perish in space that day. John and Maureen Robinson, Major Don West, my sisters Judy and Penny Robinson, and myself, we have all been lost in space since 1997. Only two members of the Jupiter 2 party went unaccounted for while we were in outer space: my dear friend Dr. Smith and our beloved robot. Several years back, a desperate Dr. Smith secretly struck a bargain with an intergalactic space trader, selling our robot for a tiny, one-man spaceship, which he attempted to fly back to Earth. That was the last we saw of Dr. Smith -- or the robot -- while we were lost in space all those years. But more on that later.

The Robinson family spent the last fifty years hopelessly lost in space. This is the story -- the truestory -- of how I made it back to Earth, where I was expecting a hero’s welcome but instead found myself running for my life because Alpha Control was desperate to ‘silence me’ for fear of their fifty-year-long cover-up being exposed to the world. This is also the story of how I then piloted a three man rescue ship back into outer space to find the rest of my family and return them safely to Earth -- with the help of an old friend, a galaxy-jumping pirate named Captain Alonzo P. Tucker, without whom I’d still be imprisoned in Mr. Marvello’s Space Circus, where, after being separated from my family by a massive planetquake, I spent three long years on display in his circus, locked inside a laser-proof glass cage, billed as “The Humanoid Creature From Planet Earth!”

Topps Trading cards celebrating their 75th Anniversary

Topps Trading cards celebrating their 75th Anniversary in December 2013.  To honor this event they are releasing the original Lost in Space trading cards from 1966 with the Lost in Space cast signing them.  These make a great addition to adding trading card collection.