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Sunday, April 20, 2014

Executive Replicas Inc. to produce collectibles based on classic sci-fi hit television series ‘Lost In Space’


Executive Replicas Inc. to produce collectibles
based on classic sci-fi hit television series ‘Lost In Space’,
with Go Hero LLC and Phicen Limited.

Executive Replicas, leaders in classic horror, sci-fi and pop-culture collectibles, is proud to announce new high-end collectibles, figures, and more based on the classic hit series “Lost in Space”.

With art direction from long-time partners Go Hero, and production excellence from Phicen Limited, Executive Replicas is set to deliver the high-end figural treatment to these beloved characters. New figures include 1/6th scale versions of Judy Robinson, Penny Robinson, Will Robinson, John Robinson with Jet Pack, Verda the Android, Anti Matter John & Don, Idak, The Robot… just to name a few.  Will Robinson will feature a new body by Phicen.

 ‘Growing up Lost in Space was the show for me.  I love it and wanted nothing more to have my own B9 robot and fly in a Jupiter 2…Now I have the great opportunity to be involved in a great franchise that I have an emotional attachment to and be in a position that I can produce some great things.’ ~ Winston Dunlop

Beginning in 2014 Executive Replicas will showcase and release for sale the 1/6th scale versions of Judy Robinson, Penny Robinson, Will Robinson, Verda, and John Robinson with jet packs.   But that not the end, we have other great exciting news on the products we will be releasing after the 1/6th scale versions are underway.

Fans of classic television, retro robots, and space adventure, it is time, once again to get…LOST IN SPACE!

Lost in Space aired on CBS from September 15, 1965 to March 6, 1968.  With 83 episodes, the first season was filmed in black & white and was more serious while the next two seasons were filmed in color and lighted with the zany antics of Dr. Smith.  The greatness of Lost in Space was not only the hardware 7 vehicles; Jupiter 2, The Chariot, The Space Pod, B9 Robot, laser pistols, etc. but the fact that is was family entertainment at its finest.  The whole family would sit down, in front on one television, and watch the Robinsons get out of a mess that Dr. Smith usually got them in.  It was the best!


Since 2006, brothers Winston and Martin Dunlop founded Executive Replicas. Since then they have been behind the release of thousands of ‘fan favorite’ action figures, busts, statues, props, and other memorabilia. Specializing in Classic Horror, Sci-Fi, as well as the related talent, both on and off screen, Executive Replicas serves the dedicated collector community by delivering top quality products. This versatile production company offers products internationally based on classic films and television programs so they can continue to be cherished by fans the world over. Notable Licenses: AMC Movie Network, Moonstone Books, Bluewater Comics, Lon Chaney Sr./Jr., Bela Lugosi, Boris Karloff, Vincent Price, Lost in Space, She Creature, Bettie Page, George A Romero, Bill Hinzman, The Shadow, Doc Savage, Invasion of the Saucer Men, I was a Teenage Frankenstein/Werewolf, and many other sci-fi and horror icons.

Web/Store: executivereplicas.com 

With their seamless encapsulation technique, Phicen has distinguished themselves in the collectible figure arena. Their team consists of expert artists, sculptors, model makers, painters and costumers whose collective efforts result in the superior figure creation. Phicen has combined their passion for quality, drive for authenticity, advanced production facility and pioneering manufacturing techniques to quickly develop and rapidly expand in the 1:6 scale world. Besides their 1:6 scale female seamless bodies, Phicen is also developing a new standard for seamless male bodies, as well as continuing to improve on their already ‘best in class’ seamless female bodies. Phicen’s work in figures has been recognized and adored by collectors around the world.

Web/Store: phicen.com

Founded in 2001, Go Hero has been at the forefront of the ‘designer toy’ movement by art directing, designing, producing, and consulting for entertainment properties. With an eye for the iconic, Go Hero collaborates with an elite group of like-minded companies, artists and craftsman to create products for the specialty market. Their award winning "firsts" in original/licensed pop-culture collectibles/lifestyle products are distributed and sold internationally. These works have also appeared in numerous television commercials, TV shows, books, magazines, music videos, and in major Hollywood film. Notable Licenses: Buck Rogers, Flash Gordon, Sinbad, Wrath of the Titans, Mechabot, Weekly World News, Bluewater Comics, Ray Harryhausen, The Shadow, Doc Savage, Adam West, Agent 13, and many other sci-fi and pop-culture icons.

Web/Store: gohero.com

Media Contact: winstonexecutivereplicas@verizon.net

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