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Friday, February 20, 2015

Fred Gwynne TV Guide

The Boston Advertiser TVue January 1965 TV Guide with Fred Gwynne (Herman Munsters) featured on the front cover. One of the Harvard Munsters softcover.

This rare beauty sold on February 16, 2015 with 36 serious bids for a whopping., $910!

Sunday, February 01, 2015

John Robinson figure with jet pack

Lost in Space™ - As created by the legendary and prolific film and television producer Irwin Allen (“The Poseidon Adventure”), “Lost in Space” thrilled audiences of all ages during its first network run on CBS (1965-1968). For eighty-three episodes the adventures of the Robinson family, their pilot, Major Don West, Robot B9, and the cunning castaway named Dr. Zachary Smith catapulted audiences into a wild universe of robots aliens, space ships, and of course, weird monsters.  A perennial favorite on cable and in syndication, the series has been translated in dozens of languages and has been seen in almost every country of the world.

Professor John Robinson was the leader of the Robinson Party and captain of the Jupiter 2.  His courage in the face of danger and his strong love for his family made him a model hero.  Although a pacifist by nature, he was a more than capable foe if circumstances demanded quick action with a space rifle, laser gun, or his fist.

Executive Replicas and Phicen Ltd. are proud to present the John Robinson figure with jet pack.

Lost In Space John Robinson with Jet Pack 1/6th scale action figure


MSRP: $279.99 + S&H

Expected ship date – 3rd  quarter 2015

Please order direct from:


New Phicen Articulated 1:6 Body

1 x Blue hooded parka
1st season outfit (blue mock neck shirt, blue pants)
1 x blue mock neck shirt
1 x pair of pants
1 x Belt
1 x Pair of boots

1 x flight helmet
1 x jet pack
1 x 1st season laser pistol
1 x 3rd season laser pistol
3 x laser rifles
1 x 1st season holster & belt
1 x 3rd season holster
2 x pair of gloved hands
2 pair of ungloved hands
Specialty Packaging
Figure Stand