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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Jupiter-2 Accessory Kit

The latest Fusion Core & Dome lighting effect kit, that fits in the Polar Lights, 12 inch, Jupiter-2 kit! Pre-resisted for 6 to 18 Volt power supplies.

This awesome circuit is Magnet Activated, and the film clips show the different stages of the programmed sequence. A slow sweep of the included magnet, next to the sensor, activates the initial slow "ramp up" effect, then accelerates to full speed! Another pass of the magnet, and the lighting slowly "ramps down" and completes shut off. You can see these clips at www.strangestuffstudio.com

This is the "State of the Art" technology for your Jupiter-2 project! The latest Fusion Core & Dome lighting effect was created by a NASA Technician, that creates the circuits for the ISS (International Space Station), a friend of the website, and an avid modeler himself. They are available for purchase at the Strange Stuff Studio site, for a very reasonable price, and include Fusion Core, and upper Dome lighting! Easy to install, and all you need is included, just add a 9 volt battery to the attached coupler, and it's off to Alpha Centauri!


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