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Sunday, May 04, 2008

Jupiter-2 Launch Pad Kit


This is a custom manufactured EASY TO BUILD Launch Pad / Display Base model kit scaled for the 12" diameter Polar Lights Lost in Space Jupiter-2 model kit.


The kit features machine shaped acrylic supports and center deck, with other parts manufactured from mostly strip styrene or ABS plastic (some trimming to fit with the styrene strips used for 'flashing' around the support legs will be required, but it is VERY simple to do if you know how to use a ruler!). Detailed instructions are included as well as an email address for questions. Also included are links to photographs of the actual studio miniature to help you with your paint scheme.
Average to above average model skills will be needed to build this kit. The hardest part of the assembly is the tiny rails that go around the inside and outside of the center circular deck. They are very brittle. The best thing to do is heat them up in very hot water, and wrap them around a bottle for a few days until they start to hold their shape. If you try to bend them dry, you will run the risk of snapping them. Extra parts are available if you do this, but try not to as they are a bit expensive! I also strongly suggest using Ambrose Pro-Weld brand adhesive, as the kit is made from acrylic, styrene and ABS plastic. The Ambrose Pro-Weld works well with all three mediums! This is NOT the same launch pad "garage" kit you may have seen for sale elsewhere -- inaccurate, full of bubble holes, warped, and with casting seams requiring a lot of putty and sanding and shaping to get it to go together. Again, this is NOT a "resin cast" garage kit. It is a MUCH MORE ACCURATE KIT made with thorough attention to detail using very high quality components. (Well, except for the little hand rails at the base of the support legs -- they are just paper clips that happen to be just the right shape, and all you have to do is snip them to the desired length, drill a few holes, and that part is done. But, the paper clips ARE from STAPLES!). This kit is VERY clean and sharp -- very little sanding should be required. You will need something to cut the styrene strips that are used as flashing on the edges of the gantry legs, but it is .020 thin strip styrene -- you can score it and snap if you wish, but if you have a good smooth cutter you will get nice crisp results by using it.
This model kit comes complete with detailed instructsions and everything you see above EXCEPT the JUPITER 2 MODEL! You need to already have one of those! AGAIN, YOU WILL NEED AMBROSE PRO-WELD GLUE TO ASSEMBLE THIS KIT BECAUSE IT IS CONSTRUCTED FROM SEVERAL DIFFERENT MATERIALS - it is widely available online and in better local hobby shops.
Retails Around: $130.


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