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Friday, November 24, 2006

Sci-Fi Metropolis Update

Sci-Fi Metropolis is proud to present to you the Lost in Space ™, 40th anniversary, 1st season signature series Laser Pistol signed by none other than Bill Mumy. This very limited 1:1 scale replica is beautifully tooled and mastered here in the United States in conjunction with renowned prop master Richard Coyle. There have been other pistols in the past but none compare to ours! For the first time, we have incorporated sound effects taking from the original series along with our lighting effects. These pistols are very limited so don’t miss out on this unique opportunity to own a piece of Science Fiction history.

( Each laser pistol comes with the following: )

Custom display stand

Lighting and original sound FX

Custom plaque signed and numbered by Bill Mumy

Limited to only 250 signed units

$599.00 + S&H*

$20.00 within the continental United States. Outside the U.S. we will need address to get S&H quote.

Please remember, these unique replicas are hand made in the United States. Your pre-order insures your spot for the next available pistol. We will not change your credit card until your pistol is ready to ship.

Please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery.

Monday, November 13, 2006

In Loving Memory of Mike Suzor

I received e-mails this morning from both Terry and Flint that our dear friend, Mike Suzor has passed away. This is very sad news for us Lost in Space fans. Mike contributed much of his talented art in the LISFAN club for many years. Writing stories, trivia, artwork, and so much more. In 2001 I almost losted everything on the "What I Collect.Com" website. Mike and I spent endless hours saving each file and text for our current website. Mike also did our original website logo, and was even nice enough to send me the original artwork.

Mike was a dear friend, and I will always be thankful for what he did for me, and the fans all over the world. You will be soley missed Mike. Our thoughts and prayers are with Mike's family and friends during this time.

Love Always,

Robert - "Uncle Odie"

Kerry Manderbach:

Our freind Mike passed from this realm at 8:20 AM, November 12th, 2006. Mike's legacy will endure thru his art, films and other creative endeavors. He will be sorely missed by his family, friends, and the LIS community. A multimedia tribute to Mike featuring his work in all media is being planned.

Flint Mitchell:

LISFAN artist Mike Suzor passed away at 8:20 AM today after a long illness. Mike and I pretty much lost contact after the LISFAN days. A mutual friend of ours, LISFAN contributor Kerry Manderbach, did his best to arrange to have Mike's friends visit him in his last days.

It was a surprise, seeing Mike in bed, unable to talk. We (Kerry, LISFAN artist Ken Holland any myself) were alllowed to stay for only a few minutes. Mike wasn't feeling well.

There are a lot of thoughts going on in my mind now. What's happened to Mike will happen to all of us eventually. Mike was lucky enough to have a partner who was willing and able to let him live his last days at home.

There will be a funeral and a tribute to Mike, time and dates to be announced.

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Update: Michael Suzor

Thought you would like an update.

Mike showing us he is not giving up. He is fighter with an iron will. The doctor's prognosis had him expected to pass away by mid August from the lymphoma cancer. His condition has declined and he no longer can move or speak but he communicates with his eyes. He does have brain damage but Mike, in part is still with us. He needs 24 hour medical care but I have been able to make arrangements to keep him at home where he wants to be. I'm doing everything in my power to meet his needs, keep him comfortable and improve his quality of life.

Expecting the worst I did make his final arrangements, but I hope that will not be needed and Mike comes back to us. He has a long hard long road if by the grace of God that happens and I'll be at his side all the way.

I have set up a bank account for Mike for those who would like to make donations for his care. If OK with the moderator I would gladly accept any donation through them with their approval. I swear all funds will go to Mike. He has a ton of expenses and I am close to no longer meet expenses. If OK with the powers that be at this site I can provide details where to send any memorial or donation.

Mike is amazing and once again showing everyone he is no ordinary man.

Thanks for all who have sent concerns, good wishes and prayers. It means so much to both of us.



I have set up a separate bank account specifically for people who wish to make donations. I wanted a memorial but the legal hassle and expense was crazy here in MO. Mike chose me as his power of attorney and care giver, so I have the account set up in my name for the care of Michael R Suzor, this is so the funds are protected from creditors and his family...they are money grabbing folks. I also have to pay Mike's bills since he no long is mentally or physically able to.

Send checks payable as: "Randall E Flink for Michael Suzor" and include on subject line donation for Michael Suzor Support, which makes a tax deduction for you too.

Our address is 3944 Meramec Street, St. Louis, MO 63116. If you like our phone number send me a personal email at idotrek@hotmail.com.

Questions and concerns please contact me.

Mike and I thank you for your concern and support...nice to know there are people who care.

Randy Flink

Robot B9

The year was 1965...

Irwin Allen's hit TV series, "Lost in Space", had captured the imagination of future "space colonists" across America. Every boy dreamed of being William Robinson... and why not? Never before had "Space" been so cool.

It is now 40 years later and we still dream of having our very own Robot! Now You can own your very own, Full Size, Limited Edition, Fully Licensed Lost in Space Robot!


Mike Joyce MikeJ@B9Creations.com, B9Creations